RPCEEE – Regional Promotion Centres for Energy Efficiency & Ecology

Scope of Mission:

The RPCEEE project aims to bridge between research
and Energy market providing innovative solutions in energy
efficiency & ecology by selected innovative Renewable Energy
Sources technologies for establishing power plants (Wave to
Energy; Waste to Energy, Algae to biofuel and Jatropha to
biofuel); and also demonstrate innovative solutions for saving
electricity in public lighting and producing green fuel for
transportation (Fuel Cell Hydrogen- FCH) while reducing
C02 emission.


Demonstration in Lagos Port, Nigeria


The unique Led module brought to Nigeria as part of the establishment of a regional center to promote savings and use of renewable energy in the Lagos Port.

During the first half of next year an experimental power station will be generating electricity power by sea waves by organic waste using unique technologies developed by Israeli company EWP - Eco Wave Power Ltd and by US based company Blue Sphere ( W2E).

Sea wave and Organic Waste generated electricity will provide power to demonstrate the effectiveness of the unique electronic lights. A pilot wave power plant will produce electricity out of sea waves in Lagos Port;

And another pilot power plant will produce electricity out of organic waste in Lagos State chosen landfills.

Regional center in Lagos for demonstrating new renewable energy sources & energy efficiency uses innovative technologies recently developed in Israel and the U.S. among others, by a EWP – Israel ,Blue Sphere (W2E), US, and Global Tech LED from US.

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