RPCEEE – Regional Promotion Centres for Energy Efficiency & Ecology

Scope of Mission:

The RPCEEE project aims to bridge between research
and Energy market providing innovative solutions in energy
efficiency & ecology by selected innovative Renewable Energy
Sources technologies for establishing power plants (Wave to
Energy; Waste to Energy, Algae to biofuel and Jatropha to
biofuel); and also demonstrate innovative solutions for saving
electricity in public lighting and producing green fuel for
transportation (Fuel Cell Hydrogen- FCH) while reducing
C02 emission.


ACTIVIEW SOLUTIONS LTD (ASL) is a Project development and facilitation corporation, which bridge the gap between advanced solutions and Emerging Markets.

ASL is the initiator and facilitator of the Regional Promotion Centers for Energy Efficiency & Ecology - RPCEEE and is specialized in
facilitating Renewable Energy Sources (RES), projects in Emerging Markets; represents technology companies in West Africa and EU, bridging between the research and markets & small scale to large scale production.

  Mode of operation:

Establishing demonstration projects for the whole chain of supply:
from clean electricity production through smart & green grids ending by innovative high quality LED lighting. (Pilot power plants, illumination, Hydrogen fuel & Fuel Cells ) in the frame of the RPCEEE centres in different locations in Europe and worldwide - producing renewable energy out of sea waves & organic waste while using the clean & cheap produced electricity to illuminate public lights with inno vative LED modules and producing Hydrogen fuel for transportation.

Starting the demonstration projects within following locations:

1. Belgium - Zeebruge port & Brussels - read more
2. Jaffa port, Israel - read more
3. Lagos Port, Nigeria - read more

  GLOBAL TECHLED are the world’s destination for Commercial and Industrial LED Products and Applications with over 100,000 units installed in the field.
  Blue Sphere (NASDAQ: BLSP) is an international project integrator and producer of clean energy that provides overall supervision and control over our projects' activities.  
  Eco Wave Power is an advanced and innovative international wave power developer, headquartered
in Israel.

Business Model:

The RPCEEE centres and demonstration projects will leverage the renewable energy production to large scale capacity phase and serve as global marketing arm for the technology companies; while providing international recognition to the innovative technologies that will be presented in those centres.

To this effect, the founders’ members of the RPCEEE will establish operative RES platform that will have regional exclusivity for implementing the demonstrated technologies in large scale capacity.


Founders Members:

1. The Technology companies (Eco Wave Power LTD; Blue Sphere Corporation; Global Tech LED Ltd ) – New potential candidates: Philips Lighting NL, Netherland, LAMPIRIS , Belgium, ABB Benelux. And Schréder S.A

2. Initiators and facilitators of the PRCEEE project: Actiview Solutions

3. Public governmental agencies and organizations, such as ; European Renewable Energy Council – EREC, Union of the Electricity Industry – EURELECTRIC aisbl and Fuel Cell Hydrogen Joint Undertaking – FCH JU - European public-private partnership ( EU Commission partner with Hydrogen industry accusation) working to accelerate the development of Hydrogen technologies towards market .

After we complete the recruiting process of the relevant founders’ members, we will fix mutual agreed budget for establishing the PRCEEE centre in Belgium (Zeebruge port); and the establishment of the operative platform for implementing the RES projects in large scale.

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